Alessandra Marc Teams with John Miller

Soprano's return was “inevitable”

New York, NY – Alessandra Marc confirmed April 07, 2013, that she is represented by John Miller of Pinnacle Arts Management, New York, ending months of speculation about the soprano's intention to return to opera's great stages. John Miller, President of Pinnacle Arts Management, verified Marc's placement on Pinnacle's roster, adding that he has begun to “spread the word” of Marc's availability. “Alessandra's current vocal state is as amazing as it ever was,” claimed Miller.

Marc's return from semi-retirement was no surprise to many fans. “It was inevitable,” posted one, “A gift like her's simply demands to be shared.”

Marc said the decision to return to active performing was much easier than the decision to retire. “In 2007, I made the difficult decision to put my career on hold, at least for a while. I needed to be more available for my family, and I needed to convalesce from major back surgery. Now, my family is grown up, I'm in great health, and I'm ready to perform again!”

In fact, Marc's last major staged performance came in 2007, just after the surgery to correct a life-threatening spinal condition. Marc relates the remarkable story:

I was committed to perform Turandot in Tokyo, but I'd just had the surgery and I was confined to a wheel-chair, so my doctors thought it was very risky. When I called Tokyo, they were very understanding but they still wanted me to come because they'd done all the advertising and they were so looking forward to having me. So I set off for Japan, wheel-chair and all!

To accommodate my entrances and exits, they dressed up my wheel-chair to be a throne surrounded by attendants. They wheeled me onstage and set blocks on the tires – the raked stage was really steep! – and when it was time to move they wheeled me across the stage and re-set the blocks. It was very well done and it came off beautifully.

I ended up singing Turandot from a wheel-chair for all three performances!

The precise date and place of Alessandra Marc's return are unknown at this time. Insiders caution that the 2013 season's arrangements have been set for many months. Optimists undoubtedly hope for a more timely return of “the most beautiful voice in the world.”

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